12:11 PM

For my friend Judi: 
 Eagle Spirit is an ancient communicator of spirituality, vision,  and the relationship between Man and Creator.  Because Eagle can fly so close to the heavens,  it is a messenger to the man from his God.  Eagle is truly majestic, and the accuracy that all eagles posess to take prey on the ground from great heights is symbolic of being able to see an attainable goal in the future and attain it swiftly.  Eagle fears nothing.  There is no question when you are diving from hundreds of feet in the air as to whether or not you are doing the right thing.  If Eagle had relatives and well meaning friends in the air telling him all the reasons why he couldn't accomplish his task, he might not be as fruitiful.  But Eagle is above those influences that could slow his pace. He is unwavering in his determination;  he knows that the Creator is close to him,  and behind him all the way. 

Traditionally, Eagle was sacred to the tribes of the Americas.  Eagle feathers were treasured parts of the spiritual practice in many Native American cultures.  Eagles have always represented power, even symbolizing the power of the United States government.  Even before Eagle represented freedom, justice, liberty and personal power to millions of people,  it represented a connection to God,  power in the recognition of that connection,  and top status as a spiritual being to Native cultures. 

Many people have never seen an eagle in real life.  To those who have been lucky enough to witness this beautiful and lofty creature, the experience is not one that they will be likely to forget.  If Eagle has come to you in some way,  or you feel a connectedness with Eagle Spirit,  this can represent a message from your Creator that you are in His vision,  and you can trust in His foresight.  It can bring to your heart and being a feeling of personal power in that realization.  If Eagle is your personal Animal Spirit,  then perhaps you have a channel to Divinity that needs to be further explored and built upon, and perhaps shared with others on your spiritual path.  Eagle is a reminder that you are a powerful extension of Divinity, and your beautiful wings were meant to be spread.

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5:31 PM
Mouse is often misunderstood. Because humans have unwillingly shared their spaces with mice for thousands of years, there is an innate reaction to see them as pestilence, filth, thieves, disease-carriers and all other manner of squeamishness ensues.  While on one level, these feelings are justified because of obvious reasons, part of recognizing and utilizing the little signs that the Universe and Divinity send us is to see past these fears and find what can be useful to us.  When we look at Mouse as a noble creature of our Earth, we can look at what Mouse may mean for us, if we are sharing our dreamtime or life experience with Mouse in some way.

Mice are busy little creatures, spending most of their time scurrying, bustling, sniffing, collecting, caretaking a large family and being wary of many, many predators.  They have a small world, and when Mouse comes to us we can ask ourselves, "Is my world a little too small and busy?  Am I seeing past the immediate and looking at the big picture?"  Mice have a tendency to get all caught up in their scurrying and collecting, sometimes not looking up to see what is right in front of them, sometimes unwittingly falling into danger. When coupled with the fact that they are truly prolific breeders, one can see why this makes them such good prey animals.  When we get too caught up in our daily grind to see the big picture, or to sense the connectedness we have with the Infinite, we can sometimes unknowingly sabotage our own happiness and prosperity.  Even though we can take a lesson from Mouse's tireless energy and preparedness, we must remember to experience the whole of our lives, not just the daily tedium of survival. Mouse can show you how to work efficiently, and remind you be open to the big wide world around you and live your life to the fullest.
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6:53 PM

It is the time of year for Goose to show up for many of us.  We will frequently see small groups in a V formation only after we have heard them, announcing their presence across the sky with deep, resonant tones.  As they pass, thier conversations seem nonchalant, relaxed....no anxiety at all about the long and arduous trip they are about to take.  Goose knows when it is time to go home.  With no map, no compass, and no calendar they find their way every year when the time is right.  Goose always announces the start of the holiday season, with their bright and cheerful parade across the chilly autumn sky. 

Seeing Goose frequently, or in close proximity or dreams can be a signal that it is time to go home.  Gather with your flock, and talk about the passing years and the ones to come.  Going home sometimes means other kinds of journeys which can be more stressful than traveling.  Holidays always seem to be a time of great joy mixed with the bittersweet realization that emotions are deep running rivers resistant to change.  However, avoiding these family dynamics can sometimes cheat us out of the opportunity to learn our own lore and find the ties that go beyond blood.  Goose energy is warm, supportive, maternal , comfortable and strong.  It is the ideal Animal Spirit to accompany you on your journey home.
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5:49 PM
Spider is a Spirit Animal that we see fairly often in daily life.  For most people, Spider causes some squeamishness, and this is understandeable for many reasons.  In physical life, spiders are fearless little creatures....they hunt things much larger and tougher than them,  they don't mind jumping right on you if you get in their way,  they have a very macabre way of fixing their daily meals,  and they seem to have an inherent way of spinning their amazing webs right where you are probably going to walk next.  Spiders love their structures, and spend a lot of time building and repairing them. The web they create is extraordinarily strong, sometimes snagging creatures a hundred times the size of the architect.  Spiritually, Spider is an expert at showing you how to use your fear to make you stronger,  letting you in on the secret of building a web of experiences that tie together to make up the whole of your Spiritual Evolution.  Spider can teach you how to use patience, cleverness and fearlessness to accomplish your goals and how to use your 'web' of experiences to walk confidently, using your own acquired strength, to bring forth your desired manifestations.  If Spider is showing up frequently for you in dreams or daily life,  examine your structures....such as your home, your job, your belief system, habits; things that give you a feeling of accomplishment, security or escape.  Do these things need repair?  Are they still useful to you?  Are you using your structures to escape new experiences?  If so, imagine the way a spider would  carefully find any breaches in their web and attend to them, and follow that example.  Challenge beliefs or habits that are no longer useful to you, step past the squeamishness and add new experiences where your web is lacking.  Most importantly, step back and admire your work!  As you reflect,  honor yourself for spinning the web of experiences that made you the beautiful person you are today.
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8:00 AM
Bear is timeless….strong and fierce, yet endearing, Bear finds a place in the hearts of countless people. In many cultures, Bear has been the symbol of healing and Divinity. Hibernating in winter, sleeping effortlessly and deeply through the cold months, Bear is the keeper of your dreamtime and intuition. This is where the deepest healing lies, in the stream of your dreams and experience, and the golden charge that rest brings your mind and body. This is where Bear can show you the way when you are confused, and comfort you in times of despair with his warmth and strength. In the quiet of your dreamtime, your meditation time, this is where Bear is your Guide. His steady and protective energy can show you how clearly you can use your past and present experiences to build the fabric of your own strength, healing yourself from the inside out. Bear can also help you recognize and use your intuition to guide yourself just as the stars build the fabric of the bright night sky, guiding the Earthbound.

If Bear has shown up in your life, this can be gentle reminder to listen to your intuition and be sure you are giving yourself enough rest and meditation time. A dream journal can sometimes help you work out in your conscious mind what your dreams are trying to help you understand. Remember, Bear eats well, consuming high amounts of proteins, antioxidants and useable calories. Bear energy encourages you to take care of yourself and trust your intuition; rest, meditate, and have confidence in the innate strength that you have just from being you.
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12:20 AM
Wolf is an eternal symbol of family, love, trust, and loyalty.  Wolves are extremely dedicated and loving parents.  They have a tightly knit hierarchy, and many blood ties within the pack.  Only the alpha female gives birth to pups, over whom she is extremely protective and watchful in the first weeks of life.  When she is able to leave her pups for short periods to join in the hunt,  they are expertly entrusted to their protective and eager elder sisters.  There is a lot of educational play in the group, and many vocal expressions of care and emotion. When wolves hunt, they move together as one. They seem to know exactly what the others in the pack are about to do, and what they should each do next.  Each uses their own talents accordingly....some chase, some encircle, they move closer....they are experts at solving problems as a family.  Wolves know and trust each other, and show undeniable love and affection for each other.  They are very loyal and keenly sensitive to one another,  jumping in to protect their family at the expense of their own safety.

 We don't often see wolves now in daily life in most parts of the world.  However,  Divine Spirit talks to us in many different ways, if we are only open to seeing them.  Maybe a billboard catches your eye, or a book your child brings home is about wolves.  Wolf comes to many people very vivdly in dreams.  If you are experiencing Wolf in your life, perhaps you need to strengthen the bond with your children or parents.  This can be a cue to get to know your family better and spend more time showing them that you care.  If you are closely drawn to Wolf, most likely you either already share some of these characteristics with this beautiful Animal Spirit or wish to better emulate them in your life.  Connecting with Wolf energy is a powerful but safe way to do this.  Wolf is a loving, loyal and protective spirit to have with you along your journey.   
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9:29 PM
Hawk is the symbol of Vision, Enlightenment and Clarity.  Hawk is also seen as a messenger of Spirit.  Far above in the great open sky, Hawk can see very far down to alert on its prey.  This far-seeing ability to obtain clarity from such a great distance is a trait that serves to bolster the success of this beautiful and lofty creature. Hawk, when seen in daily life, can be a whispering of Spirit in your ear, telling you to look for a message from your guides or the Creator.  This is also a clear call to keenly observe your new ideas and thoughts. Visualize the road before you clearly, the way you dream it to be.  Hawk has a powerful confidence and intricate intelligence, which you can draw from to open yourself to accepting your visions and ideas as gifts of Spirit within yourself, and then taking flight in the open beautiful sky to share those treasures with the world. 
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6:57 PM

The Caterpillar's journey to beautiful Butterfly embodies the principle of physical and spiritual transformations.  This Metamorphosis may be found in your love life,  your spiritual life,  your physical health,  your occupation or your level of prosperity if Butterfly has been visiting you.  Butterfly is the ultimate essence of carefree joy,  beauty,  and freedom.  Butterfly has long been the symbol of the soul, and the sacred embodiment of change and joy.  Ask yourself...   Are you experiencing joy in the beauty around you?  Where are you in the process of Metamorphosis?  Are you bundled up like a cocoon,  waiting for your joy or are you out enjoying the roses?

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